Can inFlow On-Premise work with mobile device &/or batch scanners?

Mobile scanners

When it comes to mobile device scanners, right now inFlow On-Premise doesn’t support these types of scanners. If you’re using a mobile app that can download your scanned results into a spreadsheet, then you can use the spreadsheet to import the stock adjustments into inFlow.

inFlow Cloud is a separate product which does have a mobile app. Currently it’s only possible to scan items to search, or add to your product list, and to scan items in and out (stock adjustment). Please note again that inFlow Cloud is a separate product and it is not synced with inFlow Inventory!

Batch scanners

Some scanners may be wireless and designed for you to scan all your items’ barcodes at once and then download your resulting spreadsheet. These types of scanners are known as batch scanners. They are not the ideal scanner to use with inFlow, however if you’ve already got one (or it serves your purpose) you may choose to import the resulting spreadsheet using the instructions in this article on how to import data into inFlow.

Please note that very often these spreadsheets use the barcode as a reference point to which the other details are matched to, but inFlow’s import uses the “Item Name” as a reference point instead. You may have to make changes to the spreadsheet importing.

For other scanners that we’re compatible with, please take a look here.

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