I’m getting an error message that says: “The inFlow server cannot connect to the internet”

Please note: we will sunset inFlow On-Premise on July 31, 2024. After sunset we will stop selling or activating new licenses for inFlow On-Premise and stop providing support (including online KB articles).

In the meantime we will still provide technical support to customers with an active Support Plan.

This error will occur when inFlow On-Premise cannot connect to the Internet to login to your account. If your other programs on your computer are working with Internet access then follow the guide below. If your computer does not have Internet access and you need to use inFlow please follow the offline activation instructions.

Disable the proxy settings

If you have a proxy setup please skip this section and go to the next one as it does not apply. If you’re sure that you’re not using a proxy, it could be that inFlow is still trying to go through one that you may have setup previously. Please try the following:

1. Open notepad as an administrator. To do this, open your start menu and type “notepad” without the quotes, and you should see it in the list above. Right-click on notepad in the list and choose Run as Administrator. (Note: On Windows XP, open the start menu and type Run then notepad and hit enter instead.)

2. From the File > Open option, browse for C:\Program Files\inFlow inventory and look for a file named inFlow.Server.WindowsServices.exe.config or inFlowService.exe.config. (If you do not have file extensions turned on it will be named inFlow.Server.WindowsServices.exe or inFlowService.exe)

3. Open the file and look for a tag that says </configSections>.

4. Copy and paste the following immediately after the </configSections> tag:

<defaultProxy enabled="false">

5. After you’re done, save the file. Then restart your app server for the changes to be applied.

Make proxy settings computer-wide

If your computer does have an Internet proxy configured then you may need to change your system settings so that it will work with inFlow. We must first find out what the proxy settings are. Follow these steps to check the proxy settings.

1. From your start menu type inetcpl.cpl and hit enter. (If you are using Windows XP, you must click on the Run button in the start menu).

2. Click on the Connections tab.

3. Click on LAN settings.

4. See if Use a proxy server for your LAN… is checked or not. If this is not checked then your computer is not using a proxy server so you should skip ahead to offline activation.

5. Write down the values in the Address and the Port fields.

Now that we have the proxy address and port we must configure them to be system-wide.

1. From your start menu type gpedit.msc and hit enter. (If you are using Windows XP, you must click on the Run button in the start menu).

2. Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer

3. In the pane on the right find the item named Make proxy settings per-machine (rather than per-user).

4. Right-click on this item and choose Edit. Then click on Enabled and click OK.

5. Restart your computer.

6. From your start menu type inetcpl.cpl and wait until it appears in the list above. Right-click on it and choose Run as administrator. (If you are using Windows XP, you must click on the Run button in the start menu and you don’t need to run as administrator).

7. Click on the Connections tab.

8. Click on LAN settings.

9. Make sure Use a proxy server for your LAN… is checked.

10. Type in the address and port values that you wrote down previously.

11. Click OK twice.

12. Restart your computer once more.

This will ensure that inFlow is using your network’s proxy for Internet access which may be required for inFlow to access the Internet.

Addresses / IPs to whitelist

Depending on your network / firewall settings you may need to whitelist our servers in order to access your licenses. Whitelist the following to get access:

  • manage.inflowinventory.com
  • https://api.inflowinventory.com/ (

Activate inFlow to work offline

If none of these options work or if you don’t want to disable your proxy, please try activating inFlow offline (so that you work in offline mode even though you are connected to the internet). To do so please see the offline activation instructions.

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