Handling online sales with inFlow On-Premise

Please note: Due to back-end changes from Shopify, the Shopify integration in On-Premise may no longer function properly after June 30, 2021. You will still see Shopify in On-Premise settings, but this feature is no longer supported.

If you require a Shopify integration, we recommend using inFlow Cloud. It can pull orders and push inventory levels to Shopify stores, and we provide regular updates to maintain compatibility.

If you’ve got an online store but don’t want to have to re-input those orders into inFlow On-Premise, you can either integrate or import the orders depending on which webstore you have.



inFlow’s latest version (v3.6.1) has direct integration with Shopify, so it’s just a matter of setting up within the program for it to sync and download orders into inFlow! Read on more:



If you don’t use Shopify, you may be able to download your orders from other webstores into a .csv file for importing into inFlow. We’ve got a few guides here specifically for some of the webstores so if you don’t see your webstore listed here please check with their support to see if they are capable of exporting to a .csv!

Couple of things to note before doing an import

  • Always make a backup before importing! Should anything go wrong, you can always revert to this backup.
  • During the import screen, inFlow will ask you if you need to set your imported orders as completed (deduct inventory upon import) or open (deduct them yourself later). Be sure to set it appropriately!
  • inFlow uses the Item Name/Code to look up products, so if your item names in the .csv file do not match the ones in inFlow, you may need to change the way you track your items in inFlow. For example, if your webstore gives each product a unique product ID (e.g 15112) you could use that as the “item name” in inFlow, while retaining the actual name of the item (e.g Black T-Shirt Small) in inFlow’s product description.

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