Transferring your data to inFlow Cloud

Already using inFlow On-Premise and want to move to inFlow Cloud? Sure thing! You can migrate your existing data from inFlow Inventory so you don’t have to re-do everything.

Please note: inFlow On-Premise and inFlow Cloud are two separate products that do not sync.

The process is straightforward and all you need is an inFlow backup file.

  1. Open your inFlow Inventory program and go to Main Menu > General > Backup Data.
  2. Save your backup file to your desktop (or your preferred location on your computer).
  3. Sign up for an inFlow Cloud trial here.
  4. After following the steps in the email verification, you’ll be redirected to a Welcome page. Fill this page out, and click Continue.
  5. On the Homepage, click on the Main Menu button (top left-hand corner) > Options > Company Settings.
  6. In the Manage my data section click Transfer data.
  7. Follow the steps on this page to begin the upload.
  8. Next, click the Okay, done button if you have already made a backup file from step 2.
  9. Click on the Browse button to upload the backup file created earlier in step 2. Once found, click Open.
  10. In the final step, double-check that you’ve selected to correct backup file. If you haven’t, click on the No, choose again link. If you’ve selected the correct backup file, then click the Yes, Continue button to finish migrating the data to your cloud account.

inFlow Cloud can transfer On-Premise backup files from version 3.0.8 and newer. If you have an backup file made from an older version of inFlow On-Premise please contact support for assistance

Please note that any data entered in inFlow Cloud cannot be transferred to a backup file for use with inFlow On-Premise.

If you are giving inFlow Cloud a try, we recommend inputting data into both systems temporarily during your trial! If you’ve been trying out inFlow Cloud and would like to reset your database, or re-upload an inFlow On-Premise backup file please take a look at this article for detailed steps.

Yun Ling
Archon Systems
260 Carlaw Ave #397
Toronto, ON, M4M 3L1
June 2, 2021

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