Can I change the auto-backup location or time? How do I set up off-site backups?

Note: We will sunset inFlow v2 on July 31, 2024. This means inFlow v2 will no longer be offered for download and we will no longer be hosting its Knowledge Base and support articles.

inFlow’s auto backup procedure runs periodically based on what you’ve set in the Main Menu (the round button at the top left) -> Settings -> Auto Backup, but only when someone is running on inFlow. As such, you can specify how often you’d like to backup inFlow, but the timing might be a little harder to predict. Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer the ability to change the auto-backup location, due to technical limitations. However, inFlow uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express database, and it is possible to set up your own autobackup procedures on the server computer as well.

inFlow’s automatic backups are created on your own computer (the server computer if in multi-user mode). It’s a good idea to set up off-site backups so that you still have the backups if your computer is lost, stolen, or the hard-drive crashes.

Here’s one tool that might help with this:

It has a free version that allows you to schedule backups to Dropbox or an FTP server.

And here’s information on how you can access inFlow’s underlying database outside of inFlow:

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