inFlow On-Premise v3 update

This update is for On-Premise inFlow v3. If you’re using v2 or earlier, please contact support
  1. Make sure you’re eligible

    This update is for inFlow On-Premise v3 and newer. If you’re using an older version, please contact To check your version of inFlow, go to Main Menu (located at the top left) > Options / Settings > About inFlow.

  2. Make a backup

    Make a backup of your current data by pressing the inFlow menu button and going to General > Back Up Data.

  3. Download and install inFlow On-Premise (server computer first)

    After you've completed the backup, click the button below to download and install the update on your server computer. Then, update the client computers.

    Your server computer is the one that holds your database when using multiple computers. To check which computer is the server, go to Menu > Options > Connection Settings.

    If you’re only using one computer, then you’re all set!

    You can also get the offline installer if you will not have internet connection during the install.

    Download inFlow v3.6.1

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