Everything you need to know about Version 3.0 license changes

Note: We will sunset inFlow v2 on July 31, 2024. This means inFlow v2 will no longer be offered for download and we will no longer be hosting its Knowledge Base and support articles.

Along with v3 of inFlow, we’re making changes to the way that licenses and updates work to make things more flexible and predictable for you.

The three changes are:

  1. Pricing of new licenses
  2. How you pay for updates and support: maintenance plans
  3. Licenses are now more flexible: per-user instead of per-computer.

1) Pricing of licenses

inFlow v3 will sell for $399/license for the Regular and $799/license for the Premium Edition.

2) Maintenance Plans

A maintenance plan is a predictable and easy way to ensure that you always get unlimited support and software updates.

As always, when you buy a license of inFlow, it’s yours forever, with no hidden fees or further charges. It includes a 1-year subscription to a maintenance plan, so you have access to new software updates and support. After the first year, you may extend your maintenance plan to ensure that you always have the latest software updates and support.

The cost of extending the maintenance plan is $99/year per Regular Edition license, and $199/year per Premium Edition license.

For example, if your account has one Regular and one Premium Edition then your maintenance plan cost would be $298 ($99 + $199) per year after your first year.


One-Time License Purchase

Optional Maintenance Plan



$99/year (after first year)



$199/year (after first year)

Getting inFlow v3

A) If you haven’t purchased an inFlow license before…

You may buy new inFlow licenses at the one-time license purchase cost. This includes a one-year subscription to the maintenance plan.

B) If you purchased inFlow since January 1, 2013 and still using v2…

Then you will get the v3 software update for free! (We promised you free updates + support for a year). You will also have a maintenance plan set to expire September 6th, 2015 (one year after the launch of inFlow v3).

C) If you purchased inFlow before December 31, 2012 and still using v2…

Please get in touch with us at support@inflowinventory.com to discuss your options for updating to v3. If you’d like to continue using v2, that’s fine! All v2 related support articles / knowledge base can be found here.

Getting future versions of inFlow after v3

A) If you haven’t purchased an inFlow license before…

You may buy new inFlow licenses at the one-time license purchase cost. This includes a one-year subscription to the maintenance plan.

B) If you already have a maintenance plan..

Then you’re all set! You’ll continue to get updates and support for as long as you have a maintenance plan.

C) If your maintenance plan has expired…

If your maintenance plan has expired, you’re free to use your existing version of inFlow forever, but you won’t be eligible for software updates or support. If your maintenance plan just recently expired and you need to renew it, please get in touch with us.

What If I purchased my license years ago and DON’T want to update?

If you have an older version of inFlow and don’t want to update, you can just continue using your copy of the program. If you ever need to re-install the version you’re using please check out our older versions page.

While you will always have access to the your older copy of inFlow, we won’t be supporting previous versions of the software. For most people, it’s best to keep your maintenance plan active to ensure continued updates and support.

What if I want to upgrade a Regular Edition license to Premium Edition?

You can upgrade from Regular to Premium license at any time by simply paying the difference between a Regular Edition license and Premium. You’ll continue to get software updates and support during your maintenance plan period.

3) Sharing your licenses just got a whole lot easier!

We’ve also made licensing more flexible for you to make using inFlow more convenient. As of v3, licenses aren’t tied to your computer anymore!

You can now share licenses across your network and don’t need to worry about which computer has which license.

Each additional license still means you can have an additional person using inFlow at the same time. But now it can be from any computer on your network.

For example, if Mary and José are responsible for inventory at your company but there are 10 sales people who occasionally need to enter orders from time to time from their own computers, this would be hard to handle under the old license model. But now, if you think only up to 4 people would use inFlow at any given time, you can just purchase 4 inFlow v3 licenses.

Given these changes, your inFlow web account has become more important so we’ll be creating a management portal on our site where you can sign in and:

  • recover your web account information

  • change your password and update emails for notifications

  • manage your account (see the number of computers allowed, see offline activations)

  • buy more licenses and purchase/manage subscriptions (expiry dates etc.)

With you in mind

The inFlow team has been working hard to bring these improvements to inFlow v3! We hope that these new features and flexibility in licensing will make running your business even easier.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information above, v3 or inFlow in general please feel free to get in touch at support@inflowinventory.com.

In the meantime you can keep up with the latest about Version 3.0 through our blog.

Yun Ling
Archon Systems
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October 15, 2013