How many inFlow licenses do I need to buy for my organization?

Note: We will sunset inFlow v2 on July 31, 2024. This means inFlow v2 will no longer be offered for download and we will no longer be hosting its Knowledge Base and support articles.

Each license of inFlow (no matter the edition) enables you to operate inFlow Inventory on one computer. If you have one person who uses two different computers (e.g. a desktop computer and a laptop), you may choose to activate inFlow on both computers using the same license key. However, only one computer can be connected to inFlow at any given time so if you were to try to sign in on both computers simultaneously, the second computer to sign in would receive an error.

inFlow does have what we call, “Multi-user Mode” which allows colleagues within a local area network to work together on the same data. In this case, you need to purchase one license per computer that would be editing information (free edition in multi-user mode is read-only). In multi-user mode you can include a maximum of 5 regular edition licenses (that is individual computers running their own unique regular edition license) on your network. Any additional licenses on the network would need to be Premium edition (as premium does not have this limitation). In multi-user mode you can mix and match the editions that are working together however there can never be more than 5 regular licenses on the same network.

Picking the right license key for each computer depends on the features needed by the person logging in from that location. For more information on features in the various editions please see here:

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