How does inFlow On-Premise’s licensing work if my internet connection goes down?

You may be wondering why inFlow On-Premise needs to contact our server for licensing issues at all. Starting with version 3 of inFlow, we wanted to make your licenses more flexible and useful. With v2 of inFlow, each license was tied to 1-2 specific computers. With v3, the licenses are no longer tied to the computers.  This allows you to switch licenses between multiple computers easily. For example, if you have 3 licenses and 5 computers, inFlow v3 will always ensure that up to 3 computers will get a license each at any given time. In order to coordinate this, inFlow needs to check with our server to see how many licenses are in use.

In case our server goes down or your internet connection goes down, we do have a safeguard in place. Once you’ve purchased licenses and logged into your account, inFlow will automatically pro-actively contact our server and ask for permission to issue those licenses. This is done even if it’sunable to contact our server for the next 30 days. If approved, our central server will issue an Offline Access Certificate (OAC). inFlow will also automatically refresh this permission if you log in up to 14 days before expiry. So if you’re actively using inFlow, you should be protected from disruptions even if you lose your internet connection for up to two weeks.

This should all happen in the background without any explicit action required on your part. If you want, you can view the status of your OAC in the registry, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREinFlow InventoryOfflineAccess. By default we allow up to three active OACs, so if you are frequently switching servers you may use up these OACs and not be able to get other ones on new servers until the old ones expire.

We also have a mechanism where you can get a permanent offline activation, if you’re in an offline environment. This is so that they will never need to contact our server to check licenses in use (unless they update their inFlow licenses, change the computer, or update the version of inFlow). Click here for more information on working offline.

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May 11, 2018

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