How do I add more licenses?

Feeling like you need more licences than you currently have with inFlow On-Premise? It’s easy to add more of them!

Here’s how to buy a license if you already have one: 

  1. Log in to to view your account details.
  2. Click on Add More under My Licenses.
  3. Use the +/- buttons to choose how many licenses you would like to purchase.
  4. Verify the amount listed matches the license(s) you’re buying and proceed.

    Purchasing a license comes with 365 days added to your existing support plan expiry date!

  5. Click Continue and input your credit card to pay.
  6. Restart inFlow on your computer / server computer to see the change.

If you’re using offline activation mode, you need to re-activate your account after you buy the the new licenses. This article will help you out with offline activation.

Are you a non-profit?

If you’re a non-profit or educational organization take a look here to find more information about our pricing options.

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